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I was amazed by the customer service department of Smart Gear, very friendly and cooperative. Ordered one watch and it was perfect, delivered on time and as per specification
Muhammad Irfan, Lahore
Thank you to all the team of Smart Gear for providing a great service .I am absolutely overwhelmed with my smart watch,and would definitely recommend Smart Gear to anyone who’s looking to buy a smart watch
Ikram Ali, Karachi
Very pleased with the Samsung Fast Wireless Charger I have just Received. Product same as described and working fine .Superb service .Highly recommended!
Danial Anis, Lahore
Customer service was really very great! very conservative / high standarad business attitude.Overall very pleased with there services which has encouraged me to do business with them again in the future.
Fahad Iqbal, Islamabad
Very impressed with Smart Gear team .Very knowledgeable, trust worthy and professional, Great shop to buy an Original Luxury watch. will purchase again soon IA
Saqib Marchant, Karachi
Congratulations on an outstanding site . I wish I had come across it sooner .I look forward to do business with you . God Bless You
Ahmer Nadeem, Sialkot
Hi just wanted to post my thanks – I bought a Apple watch from them and I needed that watch in 2 days.Tcs guy was at my place one day before .I was really amazed at this kind of service and as they exactly say no hidden charges, he exactly charge me the same price which was given on website ,I had to say really honest team
Abdullah Ahmed, Faisalabad
Very efficient service and I am very happy with my beautiful Samsung smart watch lady matic watch . It’s in excellent quality and arrived swiftly as promised. Thank you.
Sara Rahim,Peshawar
I just order a watch 2 days before eid and they promise me it will be delivered before eid …What a service I was amazed, surprised, shocked these are the best words by which I can describe my feeling at that time when I was recieving my watch from the TCS representative…Guys keep up the great work .
Nauman Ahmed, Islamabad
Brilliant service from smartgear.pk , wonderful watch ! looks much better in person than the picture.Really classy , nice watch,once again brilliant keep up the good work
Sadiq Rafiq, Gujrat
I have received my order with many thanks. I am very pleased with the presentation and packing of the watch. It was fabulous. Now i can order anything without any hesitation even if it is required to present someone as a gift. Nice effort, good job.
Muhammad Amir, Lahore
I bought a smart wacth for my dad's birthday, and it was received after 2 days when i ordered that watch ,firstly i was scared because i havent bought any thing before like this from internet but my friend told me they are best ,and before my dad's birthday i received my watch,what a service at my given time they deliverd me the watch it was really awesome service .
Imran Ali, Sialkot
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